What You Can Expect From Me

Every attorney has a distinct philosophy of practice.  Some are “win at any cost, charge a fee at any opportunity.”  Some are “Hire me, but I’ll never be working on your case, and I’ll never return your calls. I’m a very busy attorney.” Some are “I am so nice and I think you have a great case, but if we don’t settle, I’ll have to withdraw because I don’t go to court.”

I have my own practice philosophy. I live by the Golden Rule.  I try to think about the attorney I would want to have if I was scared, vulnerable and stood to lose something very precious to me.  I will stay in touch with you. I will notify you of hearings. I will do my best to explain my actions in court or with other attorneys to you.  I will keep my fee reasonable and transparent.  I will not delegate your case preparation to an unknown entity.  I will not back down if a hearing or trial is necessary to achieve your goal. I will treat you with respect and I will make sure you retain the one thing you can control at this time: Your right to make a decision.  

What I Expect From You

​While my duty is to represent you, there are lines I will not cross in my representation of you.  I will not lie for you. I will not enable you to lie to the court.  I will not be rude, antagonistic or otherwise ill behave myself in court or towards opposing counsel or the Judge. I will not pursue a meritless claim, or one that would hurt your case.  My goal is to help you get what you want within the parameters of the law.
I will work with you on a reasonable payment plan. Many times clients come to me in circumstances that were not planned for or expected.  I offer you affordable legal representation and I will do my best to keep prices for my legal services fair and equitable. 

An attorney client relationship is just like any other relationship. There must be a degree of compatibility between you and your attorney.  Shop around. Do your research.  Once you hire an attorney, you stand to lose money and possibly your case if you ask your attorney with withdraw, or if your attorney withdraws. That is why I go to all the trouble to outline mutual expectations between me and my client so that all parties are aware of their obligations. 
This is what I expect of you.  Absolute truth at all times. From the beginning. Nothing is more harmful to your case than skeletons in your closet that you haven’t told your lawyer about. Your lawyer is the one person you cannot afford to misinform or fail to inform completely.  I will not judge you. I need to know everything because I have to prepare the best case I can for you.  Do not jeopardize your case and subject me or yourself to potential embarrassment or surprise on the day of a hearing because you were too ashamed to tell me about the one time you did something not exactly legal or proper.  Everything is relevant.  If you don’t feel like you can trust your attorney enough to be completely upfront with them, you need to look for another attorney that you do trust. 
I expect you to take the high road. I have to live up to ethical standards in my representation of you and I expect you to be ethical as well. I expect you to comport yourself with dignity inside the courtroom and out and to treat me and the Judge and opposing counsel with respect.  
Because I offer payment plans and create a reasonable pricing structure for each individual case, I expect that once we have a signed representation agreement, you will remit payment for my legal services in a prompt manner. If you have an unexpected circumstance that will interfere with your ability to make a payment, I request that you let me know so we can revisit the plan if necessary. If more than two months go by and payment has not been made, I reserve the right to cease working on your case, or withdraw from your case if necessary.
Above all, I expect you to be clear and upfront with your goals for your case. This is important so that I can make an accurate assessment of your case and prepare the best case from the beginning.