Hourly Billing Is Over

***2016 Spring Update***

I am currently not accepting any new cases until May 2016. At that time, my practice will shift to primarily estate planning and mediation. I look forward to helping you and your family with these needs.

Please have a happy holiday season!

***2016 Spring Update***

I am not your parents' lawyer. 

You know, the one who watches the clock tick by, who charges for every phone call, every email and even every minute spent in thought about your case. That's not how I do things. My law office exists for one purpose: To bring quality, affordable legal counsel and care to clients who otherwise might not get the help they need.

With an emphasis on value pricing, I want to bring change to the legal profession. No legal issue is the same, so likewise I bring a unique approach to the practice of law. Competent and approachable, yet determined to get the best possible outcome for you, I will diligently work on your behalf. I welcome your questions and inquiries and the first consultation is always free, whether or not I take your case.

The billable hour is finished. The clock has stopped. This is a law office dedicated to you and to the upstanding practice of law.